This is a massive part of our future!

At Onestop Interiors we love to recycle.

We can collect your old furniture when we deliver the new. Mattresses and sofas go to our recycling plant locally where the outer layers are stripped, washed and baled they then head off to be used in things like pet bedding. The foams and paddings are treated in a similar fashion. All the steel springs, frames and other metal components are shredded and end up back in the steel industry. 

We Recycle

100% of mattresses we collect are RECYCLED - Take advantage of our collection service for ONLY £15 when you purchase a new mattress!

We can also dispose of beds, furniture and flooring. Out with the old, in with the new!

Local Nottingham Recycling for Mattresses and Sofas


When I began to acquire buy-to-let properties it was a major learning curve. By chance I came across Onestop Interiors, they never let me down and have become an irreplaceable supplier. After many years trading, I still look back and know I struck gold when I found them.